The miracle in Tawaf, the purpose of human existence!

A simple, interesting article about the Ka’bah and what it means to Muslims


Ka’bah plays a pivotal role in the life of a Muslim. It is an indispensable part of a Muslim’s life.

It is a Muslim’s anchor and nucleus. It is the centre of our life and existence. It is our Qiblah.

Ka’bah is the symbol of monotheism. The flag of Islam.

Yet Ka’bah itself is an empty building with nothing inside. 

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Launching Toodle Oo Doodles

Maasha Allah, alhamdulillah

Toodle Oo Doodles

The First Doodle Site!

My doodle Spot
The view from the top is the same

-– I Thought I’d Strip for My 45th Birthday -–

My Arangetram
The Open Kimono
Free Show
Peep Show

Lifting and showing what’s within veils of darkness
Soft launch of weblogs

Reaching Out
The Unlettered Bard

Toodle Oo Doodles

A growing collection exceeding the span of a decade.
Hand drawn and computer generated pictures of poignant moments in my life
after seeing the
sunrise atop Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka 
and performing
Hajj Pilgrimage
to Mecca.

My View

Background music MUST:


      -– The Maha Sona Collection -–

Details of each artwork to follow in posts
in sha Allah

More views here:

Reaching Out
The Unlettered Bard

 Face Book

Adam’s Peak
the mountain in Sri Lanka
My homeland
My terrain
My views.

The view from the top…

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The Strangled Squawk

If there’s one thing good about these thrashing harvesting times, it’s that the wheat is being separated from the chaff.

Unity must NOT be misunderstood.
Wheat will unite with wheat.
Chaff will unite with chaff.
It’s not about kith and kin.
It’s about kindred spirits…

Birds of a feather, WILL flock together…
… although it must NEVER be forgotten:

opposites do attract.

The last few of an endangered species…
That’s what they are attracted to.

So they will come by the flocks to flock for a while until the pretence becomes unendurable… that’s when they flap their wings and takeoff in the wake of a flurry in a puff of dust… and then they turn the neck to utter a strangled squawk and disappear round the bend into oblivion.
Never to return again.

And so the dross gets separated from the gold… the chaff flies away until it’s time to fall down to earth and die and decompose – like everything else, including the endangered species.

Everything must die.

It is Allah’s will the endangered species will leave the earth first.
The endangered species will not witness the end of the world.
Only the dross will.

My eldest brother tried to ‘cure’ me of being an endangered species when I was a child. He meant well. I know that. It worried him that I belonged to the ‘Bruce Lee specimen’ and Bruce Lee died young. He called me brilliant, but delicate, so what’s the use? He queried, with weighted sorrow.

Islam is the act of effectively saying – ‘So be it my Lord, thank you for letting me choose.’
We choose who we are, what we become and where we are going.
It’s amazing how – powerful – each of us really IS!

Warding off bolts of high energy machine gun fire hatred isn’t easy.
The endangered bird must continue to fly, when necessary.

angry birds 3

It’s an endangered species because it does not utter strangled squawks even, when it is dying.

That’s the difference between wheat and chaff.

Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes