Launching Toodle Oo Doodles

Maasha Allah, alhamdulillah

Toodle Oo Doodles

The First Doodle Site!

My doodle Spot
The view from the top is the same

-– I Thought I’d Strip for My 45th Birthday -–

My Arangetram
The Open Kimono
Free Show
Peep Show

Lifting and showing what’s within veils of darkness
Soft launch of weblogs

Reaching Out
The Unlettered Bard

Toodle Oo Doodles

A growing collection exceeding the span of a decade.
Hand drawn and computer generated pictures of poignant moments in my life
after seeing the
sunrise atop Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka 
and performing
Hajj Pilgrimage
to Mecca.

My View

Background music MUST:


      -– The Maha Sona Collection -–

Details of each artwork to follow in posts
in sha Allah

More views here:

Reaching Out
The Unlettered Bard

 Face Book

Adam’s Peak
the mountain in Sri Lanka
My homeland
My terrain
My views.

The view from the top…

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