The Caliphate was destroyed

Who destroyed it? Why did they destroy it? How did they destroy it? When did they destroy it? What did they replace it with? What is its destiny?

These are awesomely important questions…


PART 1: The Holy Land and the return of the Golden Age

Sheikh Imran Hosein – Imam Mahdi & The Return Of Caliphate – Eye-opener

Pax Britannica: A Day like a Year

The British Spy, James Bond, Agent 007, in the X-File Operation – Beheading the Caliphate (head of) the Sick Man of Europe – to paralyze (the body of) Muslims – the Ottoman Islamic Empire

Al-Jassasah, Lawrence of Arabia, Agent 666, and the Wahabi-Saudi Alliance Story…

Pax Americana: A Day like a Month

New political philosophy: Birth of Al Saud’s Arabia – the Zionist Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Protestant Islam.

The Prophet (pbuh) said: ‘Universal Shirk would be difficult to recognize. It would be like a black ant, on a black stone, on a dark night.’

Dawn of the Gog and Magog Era: secularism, new god; Antichrist Darwinism, new laws, materialism, globalization, the diamonds, the beer drinkers, and the children of wrath…

Pax Judaica: A Day like a Week

World War III – Armageddon – War against Racism breaks out.

Enter the Dragons: China, Russia…

A Day like a Day: The YES I DID IT Era: The reign of King Dajjal the Antichrist… the False Messiah from the False State of Israel…

The NO YOU DIDN’T Era: The emergence of Imam Mahdi (pbuh) in Mecca…History repeats itself…

End of Saud’s Arabia…

End of the False State of Israel:

The confrontation:  The Return of Jesus Christ Son of Mary (pbut), the true Messiah and King of the World, who blows Dajjal away into nonexistence…

Yeah, apt; ‘blow off Dajjal…’


…So the Andrew Lyod Webber/ Time Rice Production Musicians must have played their hearts out in advance of the event…

Jesus Christ Superstar – Superstar: 

Yeah, mankind nailed it operatically.

As man’s Lord and Master, Allah satisfies man’s natural inclination towards high drama, the arts and theatre, through His Grand Finale – starring The Superstar, Jesus Christ Superstar – at the end of the era of Prophethood and Guidance from Allah – The End of History. Who better? The perfect ending – glory be to Allah, the Lord of all the Worlds!

The End of the World, takes place after that.

Would you like to know about that also?

Give me time to look for authentic material about that era.








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