Reaching Out

Reaching Out

Exploring beyond the senses

19 December 2001 My attempt at calligraphy -2

When the ‘War Against Islam’ reached the shores of Sri Lanka, a few close friends urged me to share my views through a blog. One went so far as to set up the blog and text me the details of the passwords and so forth.

So I relented.

War Against Racism

My Jihad (struggle) against racism began when I was an embryo in my mother’s womb…

I am a Christian revert Muslim through the Noble Eightfold Path. I aim to share all my humble knowledge and experience gained along the way to my liberation from racism, garnered from the world’s leading religions and philosophies.

Like the infrasound waves generated by an elephant, I hope to toss pebbles and make resonating shockwaves: Counter misinformation, highlight hidden truths, create awareness and motivate people to boldly face the rising global tide of racism with the sword of truth and inspire Right Action through Right Understanding.

Anti-Racist Campaign Project – Islam Cures Racism

Requirements: Like-minded people to join me defeat the evil spirit of racism.

Pass it On: If each person reaches out to another, the whole world will be reached eventually.

I’m Reaching Out Please respond.



Mobile: 072 333 1907

Muslim by Right Effort –
Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes 


Well-wishers and Donors

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