Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes

Instead of me telling you about me, let me share some famous quotes from my ancestors, siblings, spouses, lovers, friends, acquaintances, and enemies…

My late maternal great-grandfather (Jaffna Tamil, Christian Reverend) aged 92, when I was one-year-old:  “Take special care of this child: she was born in answer to my prayers. I ask God to bless her with Abraham’s blessing.”

My late father,(Burgher/Tamil/Atheist) to my brothers before I reached adolescence: “Don’t try to mess with baby-girl’s mind: She’ll give you a ‘Bruce Lee flying kick’ and you won’t know what happened to you.”

My mother, (Jaffna Tamil ancestry, doubting Christian/Muslim Atheist) when my formal education ended at grand five: “The oracle said this child would be blessed and guided by God, with such promise… what rubbish! All my hopes are dashed… this is a headstrong, stubborn, evil and demonic child – a cochchi miris (strong, spicy type of Asian green pepper).”

My late maternal grandmother (Jaffna Tamil ancestry, believing Christian, who embraced Islam): “She’s not a bad child: God’s hand is over her… If you explain things to her nicely and kindly, and tell her the truth, she will listen and obey.”

My eldest brother,(doubting Christian/Atheist), before I embraced Islam: “Sona, you are undoubtedly the Grand Vizier. I confer that title on you. And I am a Prince.”

My second brother, (doubting Christian/Muslim Atheist): “Had Sona not been born, we would have inherited all the blessings from God that were bestowed on her. Bloody human mosquito – I curse the day she was born!”

My late sister-in-law (second brother’s wife, Jaffna Tamil,doubting Chritian): “Sona is not what you think she is: she is not dangerous; she is just greatly misunderstood.”

Former colleague (Burgher/Moor, Christian): “I can’t stand her – she irritates and annoys me! I wish I had her talents…what a waste… but, yes, I admit; envy IS the highest compliment!”

My best friend’s drunkard husband (Sinhalese Christian): “I hate that bloody woman Sona. I can’t stand her! Who the bloody hell does she think she is?”

My best friend (Sinhalese, Christian): “I don’t have any problems with Sona.”(sniggers)

My first husband (Sri Lankan Moor Muslim): “The irony is, if you are with Sona all kinds of trouble WILL come to you. But if you want God’s protection from these troubles, you HAVE to stay with her. Because you can’t avoid the fact; God IS protecting her in an astounding manner. Ha ha ha ha ha… That’s all I can say.”

Ex closet lover (Sinhalese/far east, Christian) at the beginning: “I love you! I will NOT let you go for anything in the world.”

Ex closet lover at the end: “You are the biggest devil – you have done all the sins under the bloody sun that have to be done, and now you are talking about God!”

Occult medium/seer (Sinhalese Buddhist) advising ex female lover (Sinhalese, Buddhist): “Don’t waste your time with her: She has the wisdom of the Buddha.”

My second husband (African Arab, Muslim): Maasha Allah, Allah has given you baseerah (this is what God willed, God has given you clear understanding/sight/vision of Peace).”

Acquaintance (Tamil, Christian): “No doubt, you have incredible knowledge, but you lack wisdom.”

Psychoanalyst (Sinhalese Buddhist) : “You are like someone with a PhD in swimming who has yet to enter the water. You don’t need help. Now go back and start swimming. And help others to swim.”

Unbroken Record since 1981: Youngest female lead/rhythm guitarist to perform professionally on stage alongside leading professional Sri Lankan musicians at the age of 12-years.

Perfect Wave Hair Show 1988: Adjudged ‘Best Creative Head’ and ‘Hairdresser of the Year.’

UNICEF: 30-second video clip selected to represent the international campaign against child labour 1997-98.


Listen: Jimi Hendrix, Are You Experienced? 

I came a long way

I’ve come a long way

This unconventional website under construction is my thesis.

Muslim by Right Effort –

Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes


6 thoughts on “Me

    • Hi Oasien,
      Thanks to google translate, hope it’s correct – ‘Well dear Sona, you’re a very special person and it is a joy immance qie to make your acquaintance.’

      Glad to meet you too, thanks for dropping by.

  1. I really enjoyed reading this… you seem like an amazing person! Thanks for humbling my blog with your presence & for helping me spread the word of kindness =]

    • Thank you! You strike me as an awesome awakened person 😀
      Glad to hook up with you online.
      Please nose around the rest of my blog… I’m sure you’ll find stuff that’ll interest you deeply 🙂

      Best wishes,

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