Winning Awards Rules!

Moments Matter

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Effort wants acknowledgement. Achievement earns ribbons. And applause deserves appreciation.

All praise to God, alhamdulillah, thank you Amira,  jazakallaahu khairan, for clothing my skeletal Autobiography and weblog with a fine wardrobe from your Trophy closet!

A newbie to the blogging scene – yet to complete two months as at 2 July 2013, with less than 20 posts in the kitty – I initially thought it was nothing to write home about… until I set out to find 15 worthy nominees!

That’s when the U2 moment set in…

“I was unconscious, half asleep
The water is warm ’til you discover how deep
I wasn’t jumping, for me it was a fall
It’s a long way down to nothing at all

You’ve got to get yourself together
You’ve got stuck in a moment
And you can’t get out of it
Don’t say that later will be better
Now you’re stuck in a moment
And you can’t get out of it

And if the night runs over
And if the day won’t last
And if your way should falter
Along this stony pass

It’s just a moment
This time will pass”


Award Winning Rules

Decorum dictates winners get over the moment speedily and pass it on…



        • Include the award logo in your post
        • Thank the person who nominated you
        • Nominate and inform 15 bloggers
        • Forward this link Moment Matters to nominees

Nominees for Best Moment Award

(Random order)



        • Include the award logo on your blog
        • Thank the person who nominated you
        • Nominate and inform 15 bloggers

Nominees for Most Influential Blogger

(Random order)



        • Include the award logo on your blog
        • Thank the person who nominated you
        • Nominate and inform 15 bloggers

Nominees for Inner Peace

(Random order)



        • Include the award logo on your blog
        • Thank the person who nominated you
        • Nominate and inform 15 bloggers

Nominees for One Lovely Blog

(Random order)


Hidden Rewards

Since the day I received these heart-warming trophies 2 July 2013, I somewhat grudgingly shelved blogging temporarily and set out on a cyberspace expedition, pretty much like the mythical Santa Clause, in search of those who’ve been naughty or nice…

But unlike Santa boy, I was in for an unexpected reward.

In addition to discovering some truly worthwhile and sometimes spectacular blogs amidst the clatter and clamour, I realized with growing delight, the real benefit of these trophies: providing and receiving traffic through honourable means.

Seriously, what’s better than fair give and take?

I bear witness – winning blogging awards rules!

Make the Right Effort: Pass it on.


Congratulations and cheers lovely people!

Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes

25 thoughts on “Winning Awards Rules!

  1. Thank you so, so much for this award but I am afraid I have already been nominated for it and attached it to my website, but I still am very grateful for you choosing me and a little bit honoured to have it again so I will follow the rules and pass it on. I hope this is OK.

  2. Hajiani Sara Sona,
    What a beautiful way to start my day. Your very unexpected gesture is warmly accepted and appreciated. I am humbled that you see my blog as worthy of Most Influential Blogger recognition.
    From my heart, thank you for the award!

    • You are most welcome Eric, and I am so glad you appreciate it. Of course I do believe your words have the power to influence people in a very positive way.

      I am sorry you found out before I could drop by and leave a comment with the ‘good news.’ 😉 I have to inform so many people, it’s taking ages!

      Thanks for visiting, liking and leaving such a warm comment.

      Have a great day!



    • Fantastic blog that has both depth as well as original aesthetics. Your voice needs to be heard. Do please check out the Moment Matters link and send in your stuff. I sincerely hope it gets published.

      Best wishes and peace to you too brother!



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  4. Hiii Sona,
    Thanks a lot for your very inspiring gesture. I must say, your choice of words really touched me deep. To say, I am fired up to do more, is tantamount to being modest. Thanks a lot.

    With my whole heart, I accept the award, which is actually coming my way for the third time. Please give me some time to do an acceptance post 🙂

    Once more, thanks a lot 🙂
    Do have a splendid day 🙂

    • You are most welcome Michael. I’m sorry; my previous reply got posted here – mistaken identity with another Michael! Multi-tasking is not my thing…
      Thanks for dropping by and joining the community. I made an effort to pick worthy nominees from every genre and your work stood out.

      • That’s a relief Sona ! I was about raising an “alarm” 🙂 that you seem to have mistaken me/my blog for another cos I can’t recall doing the article you refered to. All the same its good to connect with you Sona 🙂 Nice work you have going on here 🙂 Hope to find time and take a cruise around here soon 🙂

      • 😀 lol – I can just imagine your reaction. Sorry about that, Michael.
        Thanks for appreciating my efforts. Please feel free to share your views. I’m a newbie looking for constructive criticism. 🙂

      • Its ok. Only God is flawless. This is my eighth month in WordPress. After about 130 posts, I still have a lot to learn. Its a gradual learning process – one knowledge leading to another. Talking about knowledge, do you tweet? If yes, catch me @infoplaze. See yah.

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