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You got here because you are a seeker…

Enter the Journalist/Producer - 27-years +

Reaching Out Where the Two Oceans of Knowledge Meet

Knowledge gained externally via the five physical senses
Knowledge gained internally via the two metaphysical senses

Reaching out

About the Weblog

Vision: A world that upholds justice and benevolence
Explore beyond the physical senses
Expand consciousness: conquer racism

19 December 2001 My attempt at calligraphy -2 - Copy

The Best Way to Cling onto Knowledge: Let Go!

Bruce Lee said, “The usefulness of a cup is its emptiness.”

The weblog is the ark I leave behind. It will be scuttled, so fix it – like a jigsaw puzzle – for it to sail smoothly. There is great wisdom in scuttling boats, as Khidr alaihissallaam did. It is to prevent wicked kings from pursuing the oppressed.
The deserving, will fix it and sail across, while the blind will perish like Pharaoh, in the swirling mingling oceans of knowledge… 

It is human to err, divine to forgive: we all have varying degrees of good and bad in us.
Take what is good and leave what is bad.
Only God the Creator is flawless and perfect.

Building Site

Like me, the website too is under constant construction and refurbishment…

All the content (excluding pictures from Morguefiles and so on) is original and belongs to me, unless specified.
As long as you give
Toodle Oo Doodles
Reaching Out
The Unlettered Bard 
  credit, you may share.
Drop me a line if you do.

Bayleaf with Maleec, Manju and Tyrone. Maleec delighted me with books on the Gautama Buddha. 27.8.2012

Both – night and day is available on my blogs – merging one into another – like sunrises and sunsets.
You might have to stay for the weekend to see both views from my home atop Adam’s Peak.

My blog is loaded with metaphor.
Truth echoes in metaphor;
metaphor echoes in truth.

Black - Copy

Thanks for dropping by, please come back again.
Much love,


Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes

Contact: sonabarnes@gmail.com


In Honour of Those Who Honour 

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Crying over felt pens 10.11.1999

Crying over felt pens 10 November 1999



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  1. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    • OMG! I’m honoured to be finally graced with thy coveted patronage! 😀
      Seriously, thanks for dropping by Shazi… Please join the community and follow, if you like what you’ve seen. Your comments and suggestions will be deeply welcome. 🙂

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