The Stirring

Maha Sona Collection


Flutter by Butterfly

Listen to The Verve and read on:

The Stirring
Maha Sona the Disturbing Collection
A collection of
Short Stories

Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes
October 2013

Cometh the Moment Cometh the Woman
Warning: Not Suitable for those Over the Age of Six

About Me

The Man Who Set the Devil on Me and Made Me Find God

Armageddon: Enter the Maha Sona – Trumpeting Exorcism Ruqya into Cyberspace

The Artists Eye

The Barred Cacofonix

Patience – the Room of Requirement

Hail Hitler!

River of Fire

In Another World – On Casual Terms with Bruce Lee

Most Wanted – Unwanted Thing

Small Things Go a Long Way

The Strangled Squawk

A growing collection

I Thought I’d Strip for My 45th Birthday

The soft launch of my weblogs

Reaching Out
The Unlettered Bard
Toodle Oo Doodles

Rather than finish the sculpture behind curtains, I’m inviting you to share the crafting process.
Watch me err, till I get it right.
I don’t mind.

Schedules and Deadlines

When will I lift and show live – such as a food and beverage social function to launch my first hard publication?
I don’t know.
In musician parlance, I’m jamming with schedules and deadlines at the moment.
Let the composition rise out of the jam.
Dangerous… but necessary
I want it to make people

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Let the river take its course


Flutter by Butterfly

Although I knew it would happen overnight, I didn’t know when exactly. So I was prepared to be
I was feeling warm and cosy in the cocoon and thought – what a nice way to die…
But, it seems, I have to first fly.
So flutter by butterfly

The Stirring

From early on, people kept telling me – ‘Someone should write a book about you!’
It then became – ‘Why don’t you write a book…?’

They mellowed, and asked kindly and nicely…
I was also tired of repeating the story.
Sure, repetition was the purifying process.
Yet, boredom set in. It’s old hat to me, so what – it happened…
But people found it inspiring.
It became a burden.
I made it a duty.

I can’t write a regular biography. That would cramp my style. I don’t function well when I’m out of my style. So I don’t go there.
No – once upon a time and happily ever after – storybook.
I’ll give you a selection of short stories:
You put the pieces together and as the Doobie Brothers sang:
Listen to the Music

The making of my magnum opus!!!
Enjoy the dance with me


But, never forget:
you are dancing

Maha Sona


Person Holding Attention Sign in Crowd to be Recognized


This collection is for all those wonderful people along the way, who wanted nothing short of the book from me.

You wanted the book, so here’s the book!

I suppose, I wasn’t joking, when I quipped – If ever I do, I’ll give you the Dhammapada, the Bible, and the Kama Sutra, Sona style!

I remember with fondness and respect my leading friend, Karen De Jacolyn Seneviratne:
the first to inform me that I could write, therefore, I should.
Karen also introduced me to Scrabble.
May Allah bless her!
Karen bags ‘Most Outstanding Friend Award’, hands down, maasha Allah.
Yes, Carotene, you do.
You saved my life,
but that’s another story.
No, I never forget.
May be

My first short story collection is dedicated to you Karen.

May Allah bless you and your family for giving me confidence in myself.
How the verve song and all?
Enjoy the glow.
You deserve it.


Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes

Jumbo October Fest


I thought I’d strip for my 45th year
Peep – 
I’m enjoying myself: 

Come for a free show
October 24
I, one and forty-four
I will lift and show
my style fashion show

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Invite friends and join the fun
It’s happening!

Visit the action @
The Unlettered Bard
Reaching Out

One complimenting the other,
 The Unlettered Bard wittily sums up what Reaching Out elaborates…

Drop by
the food is


@ Reaching Out

I don’t write blog posts. I write choreographed presentations.
I want you to
Spend time.
Let the music take you there and read my (voice over) narratives.

I guess I’m writing short stories without realizing it!
Why am I always the last to find out?

It’s an audio/video production

For quickies  The Unlettered Bard

Quips in rhyme
in time
wise cracks at self
in line…

Sometimes doodles rhyme

Reaching Out in mime…

Maha Sona trumpets like a herd of ten elephants
atop a mountain

energy bender:
Maha Sona
in case you wondered

These weblogs are naught but the ground I walk and stand on to address the world:

Only in spirit
shall we rise

My Shahadah
Bearing witness:
screaming the truth

Small things go a long way from up high

never faltering:



The elephant
must then
lie down and




Lifting Veils of Ignorance

Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes

In Another World …

On Casual Terms with Bruce Lee


What can I say to the great man who was my childhood hero?

I say ‘Os, master and beloved teacher…you were true, so I remained true.’ I would say it with the hint of a knowing, slightly foolish blush…

You pointed at the truth and the importance of excellence and high quality during my formative years, and tuned my psyche for the reception that was to come…

Let the music tell you how. Listen and read on

The tuning was done. I had to take it from there.

How and why did I figure out (with absolute certainty) that Bruce Lee was a physical demonstration of how to deal with matters of the metaphysical world?

I looked for and found the mind behind the movie-star.

With all due respect to his family, sure, I spent time ogling his spectacular sexy body and dashing good looks…

He certainly attracted me with both eyes… and a wink…


I liked the eye he winked.

It alluringly said, ‘Follow me into the dark alley. I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours.’

He drew sensuously and then slapped the truth into you, mercifully, mercilessly.
You are the last dragon.

The truth never fails to look conspicuously ridiculous wrapped. Like covering poo with a hat…

For as long as I remember, I was acutely conscience and mesmerized by the metaphysical realm within me. I speedily learnt where fairytales ended and reality began. That’s where I lived during my childhood. That’s where I live today. There were no children in the neighbourhood to play with. Those at school were at best, boring.

I was Alice in Wonderland…

I began pondering the difference between aloneness and loneliness when I became aware of the metaphysical world.

Through this world Allah communicates with us via the medium of the angel Mulhim (ilham). Angels are made of Allah’s Light. It is also the same world of the Jinn. We become aware of our Shaitan Qarin Jinnee. It’s a terrifying world and yet, the most comforting. It’s indeed a magical world – you can actually change things at will – through the simple medium of decisive choice – like saying ‘be’ and it is…


A karate chop through bricks… the magic power of mind over matter.

It is a beautiful dimension in time where years of ailing heal within split seconds, and yet it still feels like you’ve been there for ages…

Learning the magic words is to learn how Allah programmed it.
Waving the wand is knowing why…

The metaphysical world also has a landscape – it is full of cemeteries of loved ones – fast asleep in their graves… Ghosts are not ghosts, but a ‘tangible,’ intangible reality of the metaphysical world…

Sometimes the inhabitants of the graves push their way through to the surface – gasping for air – make a loud statement and then vanish back into the physical world, leaving you to go – oops that must have hurt…


You view the whole scene with both eyes with sparkling clean vision.
Purity in the innocence of childhood…?

Walk stoned through the house of horror…
I loved school carnivals because of the house of horror stall.

As an adult, returning to the wonderful realm of the metaphysical world, to realize that the whole thing about life is death, isn’t easy. Preparing for the next stage – the grave. And most importantly, the consequent final stage – Judgement Day and finally the Bridge over Hellfire (Jahannam) leading to Paradise (Jannah)…

Jahannam is a carnivorous creature of Allah that consumes man and Jinn.


Is Fluffy, Allah’s watchdog?

I see the poetry: Jahannam is the smoldering  moat beneath Paradise (Jannah)…

Allah is above all creation. Allah does not dwell within creation. Allah is self-sufficient. Jannah and Jahannam are creations wherein creation must eternally reside in another dimension of space and time.

Allah is beyond creature comprehension – simply because only Allah is not created.

To those seeking comprehension of this, I say be realistic and know where to get off, lest you invite insanity, pondering what cannot be pondered. We do not possess the fundamental capacity to ponder it, because we don’t have the all important component of being not-created. You will never have that proof of evidence. Allah will reveal Himself to you, and yet remain forever veiled before mesmerized, swooning eyes…

Is Paradise really paradise and the Hellfire actually hell?
Is Hellfire the only answer to those who wanted Allah unveiled?
Is Paradise for those who are content with secondary evidence and therefore nearer to the Truth – Al-Haq – Allah?

Is it hell to know, or not know?

Is ignorance bliss?

images (3)

I dive into deep, dark waters illuminated by the Light of Allah… But wait a minute… what’s talk about God doing in a Bruce Lee story…?

All point to the moon to view the heavenly glory, isn’t it?

What does it mean?

The lessons are varied and numerous. Take the metaphor in viewing the light of the sun through the moon (secondary evidence).

You can only view God through both eyes, and that too from behind a veil.

What is Islamic Spirituality (Ihsan)?

Islam is a religion (way) of pointing – of uniting and facing one direction and then pointing together at the declaration of the oneness of God…

It is to perceive Allah as if you see Allah, although you do not see Allah, with the knowledge that Allah sees you.
So rise up through excellence.


Bruce Lee – Unleash The Last Dragon

Join Bruce Lee
Fight falsehood



Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes