The stories we choose.

Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

pencilI just got back from a walk (a thing I have almost literally [in the literal sense of “literally”] not been able to do for the better part of six weeks) and here is what I found myself thinking about: The narratives we construct about ourselves and our lives.

When we think about our past, our family, the day through which we are currently muddling, we always make choices about the narrative. Maybe our ancestors came from eight different places, but our family keeps the traditions of one. Maybe we remember our success (or failure) in one year of school more than the others. Maybe I tripped and fell, but the people who helped me were so kind — do I talk about (think about) my sense of humiliation, the blood on my knee, or the kindness?

The choices that we make have an impact that is literally incalculable (because…

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