River of Fire


I asked Allah to purify my faith
So, Allah threw me into the fire.

The harvesting of Sona began. (Sona in Urdu means gold.)

Yes, I’m swimming in the river of fire, by the Mercy of my Lord and freaking out at how true Allah’s promise is.
Does it hurt to to lose the dross?
Not anymore, alhamdulillah, not anymore… 😉

To be a Muslim in today’s world is to cling onto burning hot coals. Allah threw His friend, Prophet Ibraheem alaihissallam, whose purity of faith Allah praises as being of perfect example, into a fire and commanded the fire ‘Be coolness’ and it obeyed willingly and without option. Because it was programmed to do so under certain precise conditions. Physics.

Ibraheem (as) asked Allah, (paraphrased) ‘It’s not that I don’t believe in You, I just want to know how You do it.’

What an excellent question to have asked God. I seriously love Ibraheem (as)!

So Allah tells him to take four birds and train them to answer to his call. He is then told to release each bird in four directions, north, south, east, west, and after stationing himself atop a central  mountain height, call out to the birds.


So Shaitan seeks to defy Allah via the same method of ‘programming’ – or rather, deprogramming. But because Allah wrote the program in such a way, so as to give the edge to mercy, those with the tiniest morsel of good in them would be able to overcome Shaitan’s counter programming and get in touch with their original programming and find their true selves and establish the connection with God. That’s what Islam is all about.


The middle path is not located on a calculated dead centre. Nothing is rigid here. It’s just a beautiful expanse of shaded tones in every direction. A very beautiful aesthetic and poetic landscape, yet it’s the most terrifying position to be in because the pitfalls on either side have become acutely clear to the spiritual eyes.

Allah’s Speech cuts into the seeker and wounds it from all sides to let the Light of healing enter via the wounds… The pain, in hindsight, is always fully worthwhile and the recipient has nothing but sincere thanks and profound appreciation for and of the Lord of the worlds’ Light of the Stratospheres Attribute…

Yes, that’s how the ‘Light is switched on’ and yes, that’s how the connection is repaired and yes, that’s when you face the awesome level of realization that a part of you is a part of Allah.

That’s the tricky part. One can choose to go beyond and find out deeper truths, or one can indulge in beach parties and drown of ignorance due to idiotic arrogant pride.

I see many stuck at this spot. Some don’t know how to proceed. I didn’t know how to proceed. I was dumbfounded!

So what did Sona do?

I kept my feet on the ground and let my spirit soar into the heights – like an eagle – and I looked down from high above with mercy and compassion at myself in the material world… I then came gracefully back down to earth and prostrated my physical and spiritual self before Allah and said, “Yes, I’m certain about the difference between You and me.


You are all powerful, I am not. I am not independent. I’m dependent.” And I asked for more.

The journey became seriously interesting from this point. I wanted to meet  Allah. And I was willing to swim through fire if that was part of the terrain. It was a faith born of certainty due to the simple physics involved.

Will I make it?
I don’t know.

How am I faring?
What do you expect – a mermaid on a floating leaf sipping a cool fruit punch?
aang 2

I’m still there, alhamdulillah. 😀

I dedicate this song to former band member, Lucky Gamage – thanks for the great memories Lucky 😀

Dire Straits – Water Of Love

Wow… this is the beginning of Al-Malhama – Armageddon, and I’m swimming in the river of fire. Yeah, I’ve kept the faith Lucky – like the Water of Love. 😀

Ya Allah make it easy for me. Ameen.

Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes


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