“If anyone travels on a road in search of knowledge, Allah will cause him to travel on one of the roads of Paradise.”

[Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)]


Believe in God, not religion.
Religion is but an avenue to God.

Many routs to the mountain top, but the view from the top is the same

Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes


2 thoughts on “Truth

  1. This philosophy is very similar to the Sufi philosophy is it not? I don’t find it too surprising that as people grow tired of the ritualistic and overly dogmatic institution of religion that they seek a purer relationship with God and one that is more rooted in sort of just simply doing good in this world. This is also how my dad’s religion of Sikhism was started when people got tired of all the Hindu rituals which actually never did any Earthly good. Martin Luther might also be seen as someone who tried to start a more pure form of Christianity over the heavily dogmatic Roman Catholic church during the Reformation. Unfortunately it seems that these attempts at doing greater good in the world and seeking a closer relationship to God often get meddled with by men who want to take advantage of having a large following and then become mired in rituals and dogma themselves.

    • You are spot on right, Swan!

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a valuable observation.

      Sufism is actually Islamic spiritualism, which was originally simply called Ihsan by the Prophet, peace be upon him.

      I am delighted, and totally agree with your simple, accurate analysis. Yes, it’s about separating the wheat from the chaff – discarding the clutter of innovated rituals to get straight to the point. Isn’t that what King, Ghandi and Malcolm X, to name a few, all tried to do? I think it was Einstein who said, ‘if you cannot explain it simply, then you haven’t understood it.’

      The peculiar explanation that surfaces regarding why these dogmas and rituals arose in almost every religion over the years is in itself the most insulting form of oppressive brainwashing stratification I have ever come across!

      In my small scale research, I repeatedly hear the ‘excuse’ that it was for those of lesser intelligence/ability! What a disgustingly oppressive and cunning message to give out to the masses: if you repeatedly tell people that some are superior to them (when in fact it’s a complete falsehood), you get them to subconsciously believe they are’ inferior’ and make them dependant on those who are supposedly ‘superior.’

      One hears the same crap in business organizations where higher management is ludicrously referred to as ‘superiors.’ It’s all about a select minority having mind control over the masses, isn’t it?

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