Operation 969 Sri Lanka


Why are Muslims under Attack in Sri Lanka?

The following videos, ‘Sri Lanka: Muslims under threat again’ part 1 and 2, made by PRESSTV  is an unbiased documentation of who is behind the Islamophobic hate campaign against the peaceful Muslim community in Sri Lanka.

Follow the footprints from the demented thugs on the street to the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) led by the drunkard in saffron robes, Gnasara, to the oligarchic racist Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL), to Ashin Wirathu and his 969 Movement in Burma, to ArneFjortoft  of Norway, to the USA and you end up in the Zionist State of Israel!


What PRESSTV does not touch on in these videos, is how the GoSL fell into the Zionist trap.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

A brief synopsis reveals diplomatic trade in human lives. When the Tamils of Sri Lanka lost the war for Eelam against the Sinhala Buddhist majority government of Sri Lanka, through horrific human rights violations on both sides, the Tamil Diaspora went to the leading human rights violator in the world, the Alpha wolf in sheep’s fleece, USA/UN, and lodged their complaint. 

Ridiculous, yes, but to Tamils who are essentially Hindu or Christian with a sprinkling of Buddhists, atheists and other among them, the option of uniting with the global community of Muslims must have appeared unthinkable for the cast-conscience proud people, who have been at war with the Muslims, thanks to the (oops) Zionist proxy, colonial Britain of yore!  

The GoSL was then caught by the ear and had its pants pulled down in front of the international community, in readiness for a spanking that would never come. The GoSL maintained an arrogant stance during its public humiliation and like all oppressive bullies didn’t think twice to sign the bail deal.

The well-oiled trap clicked into place smoothly. In exchange for writing off HR violations against the Tamils, the GoSL had to commit more HR violations, this time against the innocent Muslims of Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka: Muslims under threat again (Part 1)


Sri Lanka: Muslims under threat again (Part II)


Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes


2 thoughts on “Operation 969 Sri Lanka

  1. Two wrongs don’t make a right…but I think the trail is simpler than Zionists. I’ve been convinced for years you can trace every war, man-made tragedy, and revolution, back to someone’s pocket.

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