The Room of Requirement

Room of Requirement

It is curious indeed, how amidst the onslaught of battering events, one seemingly casual incident on the sidelines can trigger a whole host of memories – like stepping into an abandoned room and raising a stormy dust cloud of realizations…

The fact is although opposites attract, birds of a feather flock together.

The reality of the Siraatul Mustaqiim – the Straight Path – the Noble Eightfold Path, is a classic misnomer – it is not a path at all!

It is a thick, overgrown, sinister dark jungle, filled with thorny bushes wherein lurk cold-blooded poisonous agitated reptiles that will strike at the first instance without cause, and then slither away undetected, even as ferocious hungry beasts – with salivating intent on having you for dinner, close in…

And so it goes, and so it goes…

Though overtly disunited, they work together in a striking cacophony of haunting eerie harmony, all in an effort to bring down the distracted wayfarer.

Whoever it was who said, “We are alone in this world. Friends and lovers such as we desire are but dreams and fables,” wasn’t speaking from bitterness, but compassionate understanding of the jungle.  

Siddhartha could not have become the Gautama Buddha amidst a bouquet of sweet smelling friends and lovers…?

Those who claim excellent friends, bear witness against themselves, even as those who look around and see none.

It is at such times that the awesomeness of the man who became the Buddha leaves you dumbfounded…

How the hell did he do it?

The Forbidden Forest

The Forbidden Forest

The Prophet (pbuh) said:

“Verily, the patience is at the first stroke of a calamity.”
[Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 23 Hadith 372]

Rabbanna afrigh alaiyna sabran, waththa waffanna muslimeen.
(O my Lord! Increase me in patience and cause me to die as a Muslim)

The forbidden forest isn’t about all bad – but of course, birds of a feather flock together!

But, opposites attract.

Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes


3 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Beautiful Billy Joel link, thank you. It is said that we all are born and die alone. There is so much else in between though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, very interesting.

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