The Makings of History

To be silent is to comply… Excellent bit of writing by Michael Mendis!

ironing undertaken

I posted this on Facebook yesterday (16th April, 2013). It seemed to resonate with a few of my friends and a few of their friends. So here we are.

As I write this, I feel a deep and unsettling sense of foreboding. Nearly ten years we have given our current administration, and in those ten years much has changed. We have come out of a war, and with our egress we have swollen in jingoism, in defiance, and in irresponsibility. Drunk with the idea of peace — conceived as the absence of the shock of bombs and sudden death — we have sold out on some ground moralities. A vocal, vociferous group “representing” the ethnic majority of our country has declared themselves the unequivocal enemies of yet another minority: this time, the Muslims — and we have done or said nothing substantial, in response. We have watched the…

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