The Barred Cacofonix

Singing the Praises of God…

The Bard Cacofonix

The Bard Cacofonix

No kidding, that’s exactly what I’m doing!

Is it … fear?


Nelson Mandela said: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Fear, unlike, hope and love, has the unique capacity to provide mankind with the fight or flight adrenaline rush – necessary to attain maximum propulsion and lift…

Timing; employ fear to love with hope…

Use the natural environment to your advantage: be wise; be selfish; be optimist; be opportunist… be Martial Arts artist.

Bruce Lee said ‘Be like water…’ Water can take the shape of its surroundings without losing its essence.

Maha Sona Dragon Dance

A dragon’s fear is fire. It takes flight spewing fire – like a rocket – straight into the clouds… where it flies for a while until it finds safe ground to land… A tame dragon is a wonderful friend to have around. Like Harry Potter demonstrated, it can be ridden to safety.

Like Rod Stewart – Sailing

Mastering the dragon means taming the dragon, and that takes discipline. Appreciating, accepting and respecting the dragon. Having hope and love for it even as you fear it – George Benson – Greatest Love of All; Avatar Aang’s experience with the Dragon Masters.

The point being, learn firebending only after mastering air, water and earth, or else, you will get burned. Elementary Dr Watson.

Dialogue between Avatar Aang and the Deserter, Master Jeong Jeong:

MasterJeong Jeong and Aang

MasterJeong Jeong and Aang

Jeong Jeong: Get out.

Aang: Master, I need to learn firebending.

Jeong Jeong: Only a fool seeks his own destruction.

Aang: I’m the Avatar. It’s my destiny to…

Jeong Jeong: Destiny? What would a boy know of destiny? If a fish lives its whole life in this river, does he know the river’s destiny? No! Only that it runs on and on out of his control, he may follow where it flows, but he cannot see the end, he cannot imagine the ocean.

Aang: But it’s the Avatar’s duty to master all of the bending disciplines

Jeong Jeong: To master the bending disciplines you must first master discipline itself. But you have no interest in this, so I have no interest in you! Now, get out.

Aang: Please, I have to learn. This could be my only chance

Jeong Jeong: Are you deaf? How can I teach you if you refuse to listen? Before learning firebending you must learn water and earth. Water is cool and soothing, earth is steady and stable, but fire… Fire is alive, it breathes, it grows. Without the bender, a rock will not throw itself, but fire will spread and destroy everything in its path if one does not have the will to control it, THAT is its destiny! You are not ready! You are too weak!

Jeong Jeong: I had a pupil once who had no interest in learning discipline. He was only concerned with the power of fire. How he could use it to destroy his opponents and wipe out the obstacles in his path. But fire is a horrible burden to bear. Its nature is to consume and without control, it destroys everything around it. Learn restraint or risk destroying yourself and everything you love.

Understanding ‘who’ we are is understanding the what, where, why and how we are… the material elements involved as well as the spirit of the matter.

It’s about learning to separate the bull from the shit, as my good friend, (late) Professor, Sir Anton Jayasuriya aptly phrased it.

Tightrope Walking 

Hearing ‘voices’ in the head isn’t insanity. That’s awareness. How we react to those voices is where we get to choose truth or falsehood; faith or doubt; sanity or insanity.

The Gautama Buddha defined insanity as those with fluctuating thoughts; mental instability.

The ability to clearly identify the silver thread of light – the fleeting moment of dawn – required by every Muslim in order to perform the Morning Prayer, Fajr, empowers one with the ability to likewise define the fine line between the darkness and light that resides within each individual…

Recognizing the ‘whisper’ of your angel Mulhim and the ‘whisper’ of your Satan Qarin Jinnee, in all its imposing forms – as a powerful Ifreet Jinnee, a disturbing Waswas Jinnee, and a variety of other remarkable characters, or when it comes to you as good old Voldermort, Firelord Iblees, the Leader of the Jinn.

The Middle Path is the fine line of the tightrope walker. The place where you sit and contemplate the two arguments placed before you and come to just judgement, based on knowledge and experience having contemplated suffering and the cessation of suffering, with wisdom and compassion. It’s an exercise that cannot be excluded from anyone’s life. It’s a fundamental that everybody owes themselves. It’s the least you can do for yourself.

Those who are directed by printed calendars and mechanical alarms, end up churning out a mechanical way of life. Like robots in factories – blind, without insight.

Raising the spirit in the clay man

Raising the spirit in the clay man

When you strip the meditative aspects out of the way of life (deen), you strip the heart and soul of the matter – like sucking oysters – and leave just the empty shell.

The war on Islam is an oyster-sucking war, that seeks to suck the spirit out of Islam and proudly uphold its conquered shell. Suck the spirit out of man, that is.

Protestant Islam. Satan’s game.

The attack on the Buddha woke me up from the self-induced detachment stupor that the prolonged war on Islam  necessitated, for survival…The bloodsuckers had reached the shores of my island paradise. What better way to destroy Islam and Buddhism in go, than to pit them together using the ignorant and the insane.

Fear of God, is to fear Allah for giving us the power of choice – to have full control over our destiny. Appreciating the magnitude of this state of affairs is no small task.

It’s scary! What an irresponsible thing for God The Merciful – Allah forbid, na oodhu billah – to do! But Allah, says, ‘Come on, you can do it – let Me see you try a little bit harder now, that’s the way…’

That’s what gives it that dimension of hope, so how can you not love Allah?

Fulliautomatix hammer design

Fulliautomatix hammer design

Biff the bard all you want.

The song will never cease…

How can you deny the Oneness of Allah, Allah is Greater – Allahu Akbar?

God’s Spirit resides within clay man.

It’s the song of the soul – you can’t deny it, It’s the song of the heart – you can feel it… It’s the song in your actions – you’d better believe it(now)!

What’s grander in simple beauty, than man singing the praises of his Lord?

Listen to Rod Stewart 

Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes


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