Opening the Chakras

aang chakras

We ALL face the SAME battles and SAME foes at various degrees and levels in our lives.

Allah says:

“Do the people think that they will be left to say, ‘We believe,’ without being put to the test?”

[Qur’aan 29:2]

But Allah also says:

“My mercy prevails over My wrath.”

[Hadith Qudsi – Revelation from Allah not included in the Qur’aan]

And, Allah goes on further to say:

“Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear.”

[Qur’an 2: 286]

This is the translation of the Speech of Allah. Have no doubt. It is the Truth –Al Haqq – speaking to you. Fear the Creator; not His creation. That’s the only way to conquer yourself and your demons.

Dajjal (Anti-Christ) is Isa alaihissallam’s (Jesus Christ’s) appointed Shaitaan (Devil). Like Firelord Ozai is Aang’s.

We too have all been appointed with a Shaitaan Jinnee called Qarin, and an angel called Mulhim (

Jihad Begins With the Self (Nafs): to Enjoin Good and Forbid Evil


First step:

Get to the font of truth and falsehood in the mind through meditation. I employed the meditation taught by the Gautama Buddha. Takes a while to get the hang of, but when it starts working, glorious stars can be seen! It will leave you extolling the Buddha in an incessant mutter for a while…

Get over it

That’s very important. Don’t try to worship him. He’s only a man – just like you and me – and ALL the other Prophets and Messengers that were sent as guides.

Reserve  worship for the Creator – Allah – the ONLY One worthy of worship. Don’t carry the boat on your head just because it helped you cross the river.

Leave it as it is for someone else to use.

Move on

Yes, I’m a MUSLIM – I’m giving you guidance from Hindu Scriptures (now mostly corrupted, but originally given to Prophet Nuh alaihissallaam (AS) – Prophet Noah) on how to open chakras. And I’m suggesting Buddha’s meditation too. I then say, but nay! You will STILL remain misguided until you embrace ALL the Prophets and Messengers and All the Revealed Scriptures – all the teachings and Scriptures from Prophet Nuh (AS) through to Prophet Muhammad (SAW)  and Islam; because that’s where the whole thing ties up.

You cannot complete the puzzle and see the picture, until to employ ALL the pieces.

These video clips are NOT supposed to be gurus! They just point in the right direction. Don’t preoccupy yourself with the finger. Look to where it points.


The Legend of Korra – Chakra…Blocking?



The Arrivals prt.46 – The Complete Human and The Battle For Your Soul 

PS: Forgive me: I’m trying to work with what’s available. The Rap artist in the above clip says ‘White’ in what may appear like a sweeping racist statement. Be kind – give him a poet’s licence. He’s referring to White supremist racists. Not the White people in general.

At least, when it’s on MY Blog, that’s what it means


Watch Avatar the Last Airbender series. Fully worth.

May Allah guide me and cause me to be a source of guidance to others.

Allahumma tsabbitnee, waj ‘alnee haadiyam-mahdiyyaa.

May we ALL be of those Rightly Guided.


Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes


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