Perceiving Allah


Allah says He will be to you as you perceive Him

The balanced way to perceive Allah is through Love, Hope and Fear.

The non-Muslim perceives Allah, azza wajal subahanallah (Most High, how perfect is He) as extremely fearsome… so that’s how He will be to them.

Manic bipolar activity is out of the question – extreme fear or extreme love or extreme hope. Stick to the MIDDLE PATH of moderation.

Make sure it’s balanced – through self examination… observing your thoughts, not guiding, but just observing… awareness… yes, meditation. Then make a conscious effort to update yourself on the required areas of knowledge and watch the changes take place … naturally… smoothly… harmoniously… peacefully.

Try balancing your perception

Learn about ALL of Allah’s beautiful attributes… let hope and love enter your heart…

Whether you want to accept it or not, He is YOUR Lord too.

You KNOW this – or else why do you fear Him so much?

So, let me introduce you to Allah – The Lord of all the Worlds




Muslim by Right Mindfulness –

Hajiani Sara Sona (Brock) Barnes


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