Cats and Muslims

The mother cat as well as the father cat, place whatever food they harvest in one place on the floor – for the kittens to gather around and eat.

stock-photo-lion-with-cub-eating-a-zebra-3703324 1

stock-photo-lion-with-cub-eating-a-zebra-3703324 1

The same thing happens around the sahan in the Muslim family. Except, in the case of a believing Muslim family; the cat also sits down to eat from the sahan, with the members of the family.

Terrible, isn’t it – the way they respect the rights of one animal and disregard the rights of the other…

Look at me – I don’t kill mosquitoes or even take antibiotics and worming medicine or any natural food that would kill the worms and germs and bacteria in my body… or soul.  Ha! 

Hajiani Sara – Sona (Brock) Barnes


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